Welcome to old friends and new listeners

Since April 2019, Full Haus has been creating mostly family-friendly and inspirational pro-White content via podcasts, social media propaganda, and occasional writing. We strive to entertain and inform parents who are raising children, and encourage future parents to get in the greatest game.

Our objective? More healthy white children raised by strong and loving parents armed with the knowledge to help them navigate a world largely hostile to their existence. See also: To secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

We have been fans of Chris since Radical Agenda and Charlottesville, and remained so while he was behind the wire. We interviewed him twice while he was fighting valiantly in the Sines v. Kessler civil trial, and have been impressed by how he’s charged out of the gates and back into the most important struggle on earth.

We’ve never paywalled any content over the past four years, but linking with Chris allows us to do that, support his efforts, and reach a new audience ourselves. So let’s go.

Listen to us if you want to live!

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